How it Works

A Wrap With Love personal wrap comprises 28 squares, 25 cm x 25 cm (10 inches x 10 inches) sewn together in 4 rows by 7 rows to size 100cm x 175cm (40 inches x 70 inches) completed. A Wrap can be knitted, crocheted, machine knitted or woven , with wool, acrylic or lined patchwork.

A 25 cm (10 inch) square uses approximately 50g of 8 ply wool.

Finished wraps, squares and yarn are sent to us by our craftworkers and community helpers from all over Australia. Some people just knit the squares, some knit and sew together and some just sew together, so drop off whatever you do to us and we can complete the Wraps. Delivery to our office-warehouse in Sydney relies on a network of Area Contacts and Drop-off depots.

Area Contacts

Area contacts nominate themselves as willing to coordinate and communicate regularly with volunteer workers within their post code area. Area contacts’ organisational skills have to get squares and completed wraps from the community to our warehouse in Sydney, where they are sorted and packed. They can also answer most craft enquiries.

Area Contacts Are Our Vital Links

Area contacts are the vital links between all our workers. To volunteer as an area contact, register as a volunteer or to renew your registration, please go to our printable registration form.

Drop Off Depots - Delivering Wraps

Drop-off depots can supply a location for delivery of your squares and wraps. They do not answer craft questions, nor do they offer a Wrap collection service. Phone or write to us at the address below for information on your nearest area contact or drop-off depot.

Wrap And Yarn Delivery - Sending Wraps

You can also post wraps, yarn and squares to : 

Post Office Box 10,  Rosebery, NSW 1445.

Or deliver in person to :
Unit 4, 4 Huntley Street, Alexandria, NSW on Wednesdays and Fridays, 10.30 am to 2.30 pm.

Final Wrap Distribution - Where They're Sent To

From our warehouse in Alexandria, NSW, over forty non-denominational and non-political aid agencies distribute them to those in greatest need.

Your Help Is So Appreciated

Our people are from all walks of life. For those who help in our warehouse, for those who knit and collect for us, we can’t show our appreciation enough.

We have no annual membership fee and rely on an Australia –wide network of caring volunteers to knit, assemble and transport wraps.

Profit Isn't Everything - Our Community of Volunteers

More and more schools, community organisations, companies and individuals are becoming involved in knitting and crafting wraps, providing transport and freight or supplying us with yarn, and for this we thank you.

We have the assistance of many partners who help us to get the Wraps to those who need them including: Mission Without Borders, MongolaAid, World Vision, ADRA, Settlement Services International, Providential Homes, Sister to Sister, and Rotary. The Council of Sydney City provides us with the accommodation at our warehouse.

Let Us Know

If you would like others in the community to know where you meet, let us know – we can add you to our knitting group venue list.