Upcoming knit-ins for 2016

Each year between May to August numerous Knit-ins are organised in central locations where volunteers gather for a special one day effort to collect and complete Wraps that are then picked up and sent to the warehouse.  Information on the dates and times of Knit-ins will be posted here as it comes to hand.

Please keep us posted of any changes and new knit-ins. We will also post these on our Facebook pages with any more information. 

And we love to have photos and stories of your knit-ins.

2016 KNIT-IN POSTER. If you would like a poster (A4 size) to advertise your Knit-In please email and we will send you the file for you to print your own. 


No more Knit-Ins are scheduled at the moment.  Please inform us at if you are planning to hold one.