2,000 Wraps to Syria Turkey border

At the time of writing, 2,000 Wraps are on their way to the border area between Turkey and Syria where there has been a massive displacement of the population because of the war. The Wraps will be distributed by World Vision personnel who are working in the area. World Vision has been a long time partner with Wrap with Love by collecting, transporting and distributing 78,000 Wraps over the last 10 years to countries in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

So far this year we have received 16,998 completed wraps plus 25,809 squares. Thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who continue to support our 23 year old project to relieve cold humanity.

The 2016 round of Knit-Ins has now finished and many groups continue to meet regularly. Click on the ‘Knitting Groups’ button to find group near you.

One of our warehouse volunteers ‘Zulma’ has instigated a new knitting group at the new Rockdale Library, 446 Princes Highway, meeting on 3rd Mondays 10am to 12noon and 1st Wednesdays 5 – 7pm.