Back to work!

We’re delighted to be able to go back to the Warehouse again and start processing all of your lovely Covid-lockdown projects. Some beautiful creations as usual and all knitted or crocheted with obvious love. Thank you everyone.

Everyone working at the Warehouse is double vaccinated and we are taking additional recommended precautions. We have a QR code which you will have to sign into. No-one will be able to enter the Warehouse, so we will meet and greet you at the door. If you are coming to the warehouse please contact us ahead of time (email or phone) and if you need to pick up squares or labels, we can have them ready for your collection.

World Vision, which has taken a large number of our Wraps for distribution, have been hindered by the lockdowns and we are sending more Wraps locally where we can.

As usual, we will be opening the Warehouse on Wednesdays and Fridays, from 9.30-2.30 and we hope to see many of you again.

Our last day at the warehouse for pick-ups and drop-offs, will be Friday, 3rd December

Best wishes and many thanks for your contributions.